Frequently Asked Questions [Original Art Pieces]


How do you charge?

Typically, an A4 sized original watercolour or acrylic painting is priced between $100-200. Prices vary according to complexity of the design, quantity and size of prints.

Original art pieces come unframed, will be placed against a protective board and covered with a plastic layer.

What sizes are available for customized pieces?

All types of sizes! Customised art pieces can be as small as the design on a 4" by 2" place card or up to a metre in height and length!

Are frames included?

Frames can be custom made for your original art pieces at an additional cost. A wide range of materials and colours are available.

How long do you take to complete an original piece?

Each piece of art piece is meticulously designed, drawn and hand painted. Thus, it usually takes between 1-2 months for completion. Do note that custom framing takes an additional 1-2 weeks.